Shala Monroque Gets Her Own Town & Country Cover, More Vitriol From the Internet

Ms. Monroque.

Shala Monroque, supposed girlfriend of art dealer Larry Gagosian and creative director at Dasha Zhukova’s Garage Magazine–The Greatest Magazine in the History of Mankind–is on the cover of the January issue of Town & Country. To celebrate that occasion, The Daily Beast–in its “Sexy Beast” fashion section–wrote an article about why Ms. Monroque is on the cover. For those of you keeping score, this is the blog post about the article about why Ms. Monroque is on the cover of Town & Country. To quote one commenter on The Daily Beast article: “Who knows, who really cares…”

According to The Daily Beast, Mr. Gagosian is “the white-haired art dealer who has assumed the role of demigod.” Check on the white hair, but let’s not get carried away with this demigod business. Jeez, you get yourself mentioned in one Jay-Z/Kanye West collaboration and suddenly you’re half-God, half-man.

As for Ms. Monroque, we receive this little bit of elitist wisdom from Town & Country‘s editor: “She is the It-girl but still only known by those really in the know. We wanted to put her out there early and let our readers in Oklahoma get to see who she is.” Sorry, Oklahoma! You’re just not in the know, and all of your knowledge comes from Town & Country.

Ms. Monroque appears on the cover in a black lacy shirt, pink skirt and high heels. Pasted around her are headlines like “Meet the Millionaires of Occupy Wall Street,” “Where No One Gets Sick and Old” and “French Fries of the Future.” Ms. Monroque is described as “The New Year’s New Face.” Naturally, she is smiling.

That said, The Daily Beast seems to have a hard time coming up with what Ms. Monroque does besides be the girlfriend of Mr. Gagosian:

“At first, the question ‘What does Shala do?’ might seem difficult to answer. Be it through luck or sharp instinct, Monroque appears constantly to be in the right place at the right time– yet her job is harder to define.”

She does frequently update her blog, Shala’s Rabbit Hole, which regularly provides information on “Most Perfect Bodies [sic] No. 1”; “Most Perfect Bodies [sic] No. 2” and so forth.

And about that relationship with the world’s most successful art dealer: she declined to comment on Mr. Gagosian to Town & Country. That magazine attributes her silence on the subject as the “it girl prerequisite” of discretion, but we don’t know what that means. Also, she did not appear to be hanging around with the white-haired demigod much at all at Art Basel Miami Beach.

The Daily Beast piece is already amassing some nasty comments, much like the New York article that declared Ms. Monroque a “style icon.” Let’s see who wins! On second thought, who cares? Shala Monroque Gets Her Own Town & Country Cover, More Vitriol From the Internet