Shared services bill wins Assembly passage

TRENTON – The Assembly passed bill A3625, which would limit any annual increase in fees for shared service agreements between towns to 2 percent.

According to the bill, sponsored by Assemblywoman Linda Stender, an increase can exceed the 2 percent cap only if it has been approved by the voters of each municipality that is a party to the agreement.

The bill passed by a vote of 42-26, with 3 abstentions.

Assemblyman Gary Chiusano, who abstained, said he was concerned that the bill might stifle some towns from entering shared service agreements in the future. He wanted to see language inserted that would protect towns to not have to pay more than their fair share.

Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll echoed similar concerns. He portrayed the bill as another mandate from Trenton that could  create unequal savings if not increases on the participating towns.

Shared services bill wins Assembly passage