Speakergram Shuts Down

Sam Rosen’s startup, Speakergram, which attempted to create the best platform for public figures to manage their speaking engagements, announced today that it is shutting down. Mr. Rosen was a graduate of 500 Startups who had secured backing for his project from New York notables like Alexis Ohanian (Reddit), David Tisch (TechStars), Jason Finger (Seamless Web) and Mike Yavonditte (Hashable).

The company sent out the following email this afternoon:

We have decided to shut down SpeakerGram. While we are thankful for the support that our users have given us, we have changed our focus to a new product, and need to shift the balance of our energies towards that effort.
We have disabled new account signups, although existing accounts will continue to be able to receive speaking requests so long as the service is active. We have targeted a shutdown date of February 1 – while the service will not go dark on that day, we cannot promise any support after that time, and we do plan to deactivate the servers by the middle of the year. We will do our best to help existing customers transition off the platform, and if any of our users have valuable data on the platform, we are happy to extract it for them.

It has been a pleasure working with you for the past year, and we hope to soon reveal the new project that we have been working on.

We’ll update with any details on what the new project is all about. Speakergram Shuts Down