Sportsvite Played it Slow and Low, Ready to Start Balling Now

Little men can jump

We reported the $4.35 million raise from local startup Sportsvite earlier this week. We had never heard of the company, but today we got a call from Brian Litvack, the company’s general manager.

“We’ve been around for five years but we haven’t really tried to get press. We launched out 212 Media, kind of an incubator.” On 212 Media’s website it is described as a venture development firm, with five companies under its umbrella.

Mr. Litvack says that Sportsvite is going after the market for local recreational sports. He points out that earlier this year, which plays in the same space, went public and currently holds a market cap of around 700 million.

The flagship product for Sportsvite is League App, which Mr. Litvack describes as a “WordPress” for league organizers, allowing them to recruit, manage and engage with their players.

Currently the company has between 300,000-400,000 users visiting its site each month and 75 leagues using its software platform. The company is seven people, mostly working on product. The new funding will be used to flesh out a sales team who will recruit new leagues, “I’ve been talking to the folks at Seamless Web and Open Table trying to figure out the best way to market the platform,” says Mr. Litvack.

Once people sign up for the service to enroll in a league, Mr. Litvack hopes they will begin to use the consumer features of Sportsvite. “It’s like the Facebook timeline, but for your athletic life. You can save and share all your stats and highlights.” Sportsvite Played it Slow and Low, Ready to Start Balling Now