Star Pathologist and O.J. Defense Witness Sells in Yorkville

142 East End Avenue (StreetEasy)

Way back in 1995, a forensic pathologist took the stand of the O.J. Simpson trial. An expert witness for the defense, Michael Baden suggested that there had been two killers that fateful night, and O.J was ultimately let off. Mr. Baden has unloaded some serious baggage recently, but it isn’t an explanation for his dubious theory. No, in this case it comes in the form of a four-bedroom, four-bath townhouse in Yorkville.

Dr. Baden, who  briefly served as New York’s Chief Medical Examiner in the late 1970s, just sold a townhouse at 142 East End Avenue, according to city records. While he got O.J. off scot-free, the good doctor took a hit on the sale. Originally listed last May for $4.1 million, the blood-red brick townhouse just fetched $3.55 million.

The buyers are Christina and Ulises Liceaga. Mr. Liceaga, an architect at Fractal Construction, said he was well aware of the previous owner’s morbid profession, but the intrigue was of little interest to him or his wife. “We were not even curious about it. It’s jut a house, it doesn’t matter who owns it,” he said rather flatly, refusing to discuss the matter further. We take it they’re not worried about finding bloody gloves in the backyard, then.

Mr. Baden, who was also the Chairman of Forensic Pathology on the House panel that re-investigated President Kennedy’s murder, has lived in the home since 2000. Corcoran broker Leighton Candler sold the 31-foot-wide home on behalf of Mr. Baden, but her scant description of the place leaves much to be desired. She notes only that it is a one-family space with views of Charles Schulz Park’s grassy knolls. The Observer may have to call her in to testify if we want to more.

Star Pathologist and O.J. Defense Witness Sells in Yorkville