Startup News: General Assembly Seeks Teachers, TechStars Startups Are Hiring, and Free Pizza

GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Besides that $2,800 Ruby class, General Assembly is ramping up its curriculae big time with classes on everything from how to use Twitter to starting up in China. The campus is also hunting for teachers. “Want to teach at General Assembly? Get in touch by completing the form here.”

HIRING. As activity marketplace SideTour prepares to leave the TechStars offices for greener pastures this Friday, the startup has officially started hiring for a lead engineer and “host development manager.” Business Insider is looking for a biz dev intern.

FREE PIZZA. Foursquare competitor SCVNGR is still at large; the company had several holiday-themed promotions and badges. Founder Seth Priebastch launched LevelUp, a mobile payments app complementary to SCVNGR, in October. Now LevelUp is announcing its first brand partner: Villa Pizza, which will offer $10 of free pizza in Times Square New Year’s Eve.

SYNERGY. has started selling Makerbots! “ will be selling two MakerBot ‘Thing-O-Matic’ products at two price different price points, one being the kit and one that is already assembled.” The sale is on today and tomorrow.

MEETUPS. East Village Techies on Thursday; Android developers tonight and Dumbo Tech Breakfast Friday.

THIRD PARTIES. Public service announcement: there is a new Hype Machine app from Boston.”We @ Dirty Water Labs in Boston have recently released our second music application is called uberHype social music discovery app built on The Hype Machine music platform. If you like reading music blogs and discovering new artists through that medium then this app should be the one.”


STARTUP BUS. There will be 12 regions up for the Startup Bus hackathon competition this year, and only those with popular support will participate. Last we heard, New York (which tied for first place with San Francisco last year) was in 13th place for the qualifying round—just shy of making it into the competition.

Startup News: General Assembly Seeks Teachers, TechStars Startups Are Hiring, and Free Pizza