Startup News: Here Comes Startup Christmas


STARTUP XMAS. Startup holiday parties can be a major, expensive ordeal. Last year, a number of New York City startups opted to band together and just have a big ole New York tech holiday party. Last year, it was at Etsy and it was super fun! This year, the event has merged with New Work City’s TechDrinks. The venue has not been announced yet. Register here.

ZIPMARK FUNDING. Zipmark, a payments service incubated in the FinTech Innovation Lab, has raised monies. Village Ventures and Contour Venture Partners led a $2 million seed round, they announced Tuesday, with NYC Seed, High Peaks Venture Capital and the New York City Investment Fund participating.

PIPELINE FELLOWSHIP. The fellowship for women social entrepreneurs is now accepting applications to present to its Boston and New York fellows. Women-led startups will present to investors who “get” their social mission, as well as theirfor-profit business structure, and will have the opportunity to secure an investment (up toUS$50k) from the Pipeline Fellows. In order to be eligible, each business must meet the following criteria: (1) must be at least co-owned and co-founded by a woman, (2) must have a for-profit legal structure, and (3) must demonstrate a social and/or environmental mission.” Apply here.

BONOBOS #SECRETCODE. “Starting Monday, December 12th,Tuesday, December 13, and going through Friday, December 16thSaturday, December 16, @Bonobos will tweet out clues to secret promo codes for followers to get up to 60% off purchases.” Today, 50 followers can get $25 off $75; the discounts get steeper as the campaign goes on.

HE’S BACK. Scott Wilson, the man behind the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever (the iPod Nano watches, remember?) has another project: “Introducing LunaTik Touch Pen — A dual mode pen designed to seamlessly go from paper to touch screen with the click of a button.  A new design project from Scott Wilson + MINIMAL, now on Kickstarter.”

IGNITE PARTY. Ignite NYC Holiday Party – Tuesday, December 20, 2011. 8 to 11 p.m. at the Hotel Chantelle. Open bar from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. So why isn’t this party in the party circuit guide, you ask? Because, you have to buy tickets. $10. Another fun thing: “In addition to all the above, we’ve partnered with TappedIn to provide you with complimentary, eharmony style matches on who YOU should meet at our party, based on your personal and professional goals for 2012. Registration is a little longer than usual, but bear with us and receive an email from Tapped.In before the event on who you’ve been matched with. We’re mixing things up! Roll with it!”

IT’S THAT TIME AGAIN. The early application deadline for the spring session of TechStarsNY is January 10; final deadline would be January 23.

Startup News: Here Comes Startup Christmas