Take Two: Grouper Headed to Y Combinator

Fish in the sea

The joke used to be that Grouper was a Y Combinator funded startup, because the founders took the $400 travel reimbursement check they got after being rejected from the prestigious acclerator and used it as the seed funding for Grouper.

Now Betabeat has learned that Grouper was accepted into the new class at Y Combinator, and co-founder Michael Waxman will be heading out to California shortly.

The company used Facebook to match users up on a three on three group outing (it’s not a date!). The company billed itself as a sort of online social club. They claimed to be profitable after just 60 days, but that fact, along with many others, came from co-founder Jerry Guo, who turned out to be fairly casual about the truth.

After Betabeat’s report detailing his notorious tenure at Newsweek and how he leveraged his past as a journalist to get inside access to other dating startup in New York, Mr. Guo resigned from Grouper.

We’re told Mr. Waxman, is determined to bounce back and hopes to find a new partner at YC who can lead Grouper with him.

Take Two: Grouper Headed to Y Combinator