Target Goes “Local” for Harlem, Corporate Style

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In a transparent effort to combat the bad publicity accrued in the wake of the shopping-cart incident, Harlem’s Target store is hellbent on making sure New Yorkers know it truly, deeply, honestly and sincerely cares about the community. A Daily News article , which reads suspiciously like a PR statement, reports that the 117th Street Target is working to have a more “local feel.”

The Daily News spoke to Stacia Anderson, a VP of merchandising at the company. A senior buyer in the “home” department, (you can thank her for your floral DKNY duvet set) Ms. Anderson has a profound understanding of the Harlem-based Target patron.


We work hard to make sure our guests have a consistent, positive experience in the store…It means having an assortment of products that’s on trend and speaks to our guests’ lifestyle, making it available at a great value and creating a store experience that creates the kind of brand love that makes guests instinctively say ‘my Target.’

But how exactly is that manifseted for the average Harlemite buyer? Cue line of commentary from the Daily News which impressively manages to cover almost every Harlem stereotype.

In Harlem, that means storage solutions, healthy foods, and Hispanic-focused merchandise such as religious wish candles.

Read: Harlem shoppers live in small spaces, eat unhealthy foods, and spend lots of money on religious parephernalia. Glad to see that corporate radar is so finely tuned.

Target Goes “Local” for Harlem, Corporate Style