The Art World Gets Its Own Documentary

There is going to be a documentary about the contemporary art world. It is directed by Noah Becker. It is called New York Is Now. That is also the title of an underrated Ornette Coleman record. There is a trailer. Dramatic music plays while people say things that make us cringe and grind our teeth. For example:

“Oh I met Jean-Michel when he was, like, just a little kid running around doing graffiti.”

“There’s no boundary to being in the art world.”

“My art is basically about me.”

“Damien Hirst did a show at Gagosian.”

“That looks like Raymond Pettibon.”

And, most appropriate: “Things about art in New York are generally portrayed in a kind of stereotypical way.”

Beyond that, we’ll let the trailer speak for itself. Watch it over at Animal.

The Art World Gets Its Own Documentary