The Daily and New York Post Win iPad App Sales Game for 2011

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Last night Apple published “Rewind 2011” in the App Store, naming the company’s favorite apps of the year. From the Newsstand, the editors shouted out SPIN Play, The New York Times, O The Oprah Magazine (remember the coloring contest?), The Daily, and Richard Branson’s  Project magazine.

However, the Top Grossing apps of the year list suggests that iPad sales are primarily a game’s game. Seven of the top ten money-makers were games, including three variations on Angry Birds. (Coming soon to a theater near you!)

The only media company to ascend to the Angry Bird echelons of app sales in 2011 was News Corp. Its tabletoid, The Daily, and its tabloid, the New York Post, ranked #3 and #8, respectively.

Habit-forming weekly The New Yorker ranked a respectable #23,  followed by the less respectable but equally habit-forming People, at #26. Time snuck in at #98.

Conde Nast put a handful titles on the board: Wired, the iPad pioneer, ranked #37, with GQ trailing at #61 and Vanity Fair at #84. Notably absent was the third Conde flagship, Vogue.

But then, despite fine showings from women’s lifestyle magazines Martha Stewart Living (#62) and O The Oprah Magazine (#89, and Hearst’s only showing), no other fashion books made the top 100 either.

If only they could make fashion competitive somehow. The New York Times crossword app, after all, outranked the paper of record by 33 spots (#53 vs. #86).


  The Daily and New York Post Win iPad App Sales Game for 2011