Transitional Aid bill released by Budget Committee

TRENTON – The Senate Budget Committee released bill S3118, which provides $140.5 million in Transitional Aid and oversight costs to the Department of Community Affairs to distribute to distressed cities.

The bill, sponsored by committee Chairman, Sen. Paul Sarlo, and Sen. Donald Norcross, received the support of three Republicans  on the committee – Joe Pennachio, Anthony Bucco and Kevin O’Toole. Sens. Michael Doherty and Steve Oroho voted no.

Sarlo said he doesn’t see why there was such a delay in getting the money out to cities, many of which, like Camden and Newark,  had little choice but to lay off police officers.

“It was taken out for no apparent reason,” Sarlo said. “This has just been a dragged-up process…Laying off hundreds of cops is not the answer.”

On Monday, the Assembly passed its companion bill A4373, sponsored by Assemblyman Vincent Prieto and Speaker Sheila Oliver.

Gov. Chris Christie had conditionally vetoed a Transitonal Aid bill passed solely by Democrats in June, leaving just $10 million.   Transitional Aid bill released by Budget Committee