Turner wants jobless benefits extended

TRENTON – A resolution that seeks to have unemployment insurance benefits extended has been introduced.

Sen.  Shirley Turner, (D-15), Trenton, introduced a resolution calling on Congress to enact legislation to extend unemployment insurance benefits.

Her action comes in the wake of a committee hearing last week at which state officials outlined the dire situation facing many jobless New Jersey residents.

A state Labor Department official told senators last week that thousands of New Jerseyans could lose jobless benefits if Congress does not act.

There are some 325,000 New Jerseyans receiving unemployment checks, but about 180,000 could lose compensation if federal officials don’t act, the committee was told.

“While the national unemployment rate has thankfully been dropping, the fact remains that far too many of our family and friends remain unemployed,” Turner said in a release.

“We all know people who have lost their jobs. They are good, dedicated, hard working individuals who, usually through no fault of their own, have fallen on hard times. Their unemployment benefits are in many cases the only thing keeping them afloat as they desperately seek work. Congress must pass an extension, and they need to do it now.”

The federal program of extended unemployment benefits will expire on Dec.  31 if Congress does not act.

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