Wastewater service area bill advances

TRENTON – The Senate Economic Growth Committee released a bill (S3156) that would extend the wastewater service area and sewer service area designations intact for two years after its enactment.

The bill, sponsored by Sen. Steve Oroho and Sen. Paul Sarlo, was supported by all committee members except committee Chairman Raymond Lesniak, who abstained.

Several environmental groups opposed the bill.

New Jersey Conservation Federation said passage of the bill would be a “huge step backward,” opening the door to unplanned growth, and away from smart growth in the nation’s most densely populated state.

“This is basically scattershot planning,” the official said. “It’s like trust us. We need standards in this state and good planning. This bill would undercut good planning.”

Environmentalist David Pringle also opposed the bill, saying it would enable builders “to get permits they otherwise would not get.”

“This law is about water quality. Once you trash your water quality you’ll never be able to clean it up.”

New Jersey Highlands Coalition also opposed the law, as did New Jersey Audubon Society and the Stony Brook Millstone Watershed Association.

  Wastewater service area bill advances