Alec Baldwin, Prodigal Celebrity Tweeter, Returns to Twitter

Mahler is for closers.

Our long national nightmare is over and a time of miracles has come. Alec Baldwin, of the Amazing Flying and Words With Friends-Playing Acting Baldwins, has returned to Twitter. Baldwin left the social networking site and his half-million-plus faithful followers bereft of his gruff but avuncular presence in early December after his storied blowup with American Airlines. Mr. Baldwin would not comply with a flight attendant’s commands to turn off Words With Friends, reasonably noting on Twitter at the time that the plane wasn’t even moving yet. American Airlines responded swiftly to the incident but for the famously crotchety actor didn’t seem mollified. For his own mysterious reasons, Baldwin shortly thereafter tweeted that he wanted everyone to unfollow him.

He left his Twitter friends with a series of links to Youtube videos of the final movement of Mahler’s 9th symphony, a section of the work Leonard Bernstein once rapturously described as the composer’s transcendent farewell to the world.

Alec Baldwin works on so many different levels. With the links to Mahler, for instance, Baldwin added an unexpected and subtle dose of good old late German Romantic Weltschmerz to the Twitter experience. We don’t get that from Kanye, now do we?

You get everything from Words With Friends to the transcendental musical meditations of Gustav Mahler from Alec Baldwin, and that’s why we’re glad he’s back and repeat what we said when he left in December: lay off the man. Let him play word games and muse on the Haitink interpretation of Mahler in peace.

Alec Baldwin, Prodigal Celebrity Tweeter, Returns to Twitter