Andy Sullivan Files to Run Against Vinnie Gentile

Andy Sullivan (Photo: Facebook)

Andy Sullivan, a construction worker and community activist, officially registered a committee to run against Brooklyn Councilman Vinnie Gentile today. In a brief interview, Mr. Sullivan said his campaign would be focused on helping small businesses.

“I feel that nothing he has done has helped small business within the area,” Mr. Sullivan said of Councilman Gentile. “I think the Democrats in general are more concerned about creating programs and entitlements that are being funded by taxpayers, making it inhospitable for the mom and pop small businesses.”

Mr. Sullivan’s reputation as an activist comes from his efforts against the infamous “Ground Zero Mosque.” He created the “9/11 hardhat pledge,” where “all of the construction workers pledged together to not work on that site.” Mr. Sullivan, who was deeply affected by the September 11th terrorist attacks that claimed the life of a woman he was involved with, also says he organized efforts against trying Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a courtroom close to the World Trade Center site.

Despite the committee for a Council campaign, Mr. Sullivan says he’s keeping his options open. “There’s an effort to get me into the State Senate race against Diane Savino,” he said. Undaunted by the prospects of going up against the Staten Island-based Senate, he said that he has “a lot of support out there,” partially thanks to his opposition to another contentious mosque.

Mr. Sullivan also briefly flirted with a Congressional campaign when Anthony Weiner resigned.

Taking on the incumbent Councilman will be no easy task, however.  Mr. Gentile, first elected to the City Council in 2003, beat his 2009 opponent by 20%.

Andy Sullivan Files to Run Against Vinnie Gentile