Ashton Kutcher Soothes Divorce Pain With Start-up Investments

Please Ashton, don't punk 'em.

His name is Ashton and he loves startups.

Poor Ashton Kutcher. The boyish Charlie Sheen replacement‘s May-December (okay, maybe more May-late August) love with Demi Moore has gone South and now he’s reduced to soothing his chafed emotions with throwing his ersatz Tiger Blood money at European start-ups like Berlin-based Gidsy.

What the hell is a Gidsy? VentureBeat calls it an “Etsy for experiences,” but  The Local gives a more detailed description:

Founded by Dutch brothers Edial and Floris Dekker and Austrian Philpp Wassibauer in May 2011, Gidsy allows people to host different activities and make money in the process. The site hosts any kind of event, from photography workshops to yoga classes to walking tours. Their website posts the activity and handles bookings and customer service, and takes a 10 percent surcharge.

Current activities offered on the site include “Photographing New York City,” an activity for 4 to 8 people who will–for $45 per person–“walk, look, shoot and talk.” That sounds fun. No one ever walks around New York shooting photographs.

Ashton Kutcher joins other Gidsy investors such as Index Ventures, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels and Peter Read in providing the company with $1.2 million in seed money.

Of course Gidsy is pretty happy about the whole thing. In a press release they declare they have joined “the ranks of culturally impactful companies in the portfolio of Index Ventures, Ashton Kutcher and Sunstone Capital- including Etsy, Airbnb, Prezi, Dropbox, Layar and Grubwithus.”

Don’t fret too much for Twitter’s dear @aplusk, though–he and the former Mrs. Kutcher are still able to attend Hollywood parties and pointedly ignore each other, so our long national nightmare is nearly over.

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Ashton Kutcher Soothes Divorce Pain With Start-up Investments