At Fidler Kickoff, GOP Invokes David Weprin

Lew Fidler is slated to kickoff his campaign for the Senate on the steps of City Hall this afternoon, a location that the Republican Party said reminds them of another Democratic campaign from that section of Brooklyn–that of failed Congressional candidate David Weprin.

“Just like failed Congressional candidate David Weprin, politician Lew Fidler will kick off his insider campaign surrounded by other professional politicians, the party bosses who handed him the nomination, and the wealthy special interests who will bankroll his latest run for office, but nowhere near the hardworking men and women of the district he’s running to represent,” said Senate Republican spokesman Scott Reif in a statement. “It’s troubling that Mr. Fidler’s very first decision as a candidate for the New York State Senate was to move his campaign launch outside the district so he could just waltz out of his City Hall office, make this announcement and not be bothered with the give and take of an actual campaign.”

Mr. Weprin however didn’t kickoff his campaign outside the district–he kicked it off at the Thomas Jefferson club in Canarsie and up in Queens at the county’s Democratic headquarters–although, as Mr. Reif stated, he was surrounded by Democratic pols.

Mr. Weprin, of course, went down to defeat to Republican Bob Turner in a 3-1 Democratic district. That seat became available when Anthony Weiner resigned in disgrace. Mr. Fidler is running to take the place of another Democrat who resigned in disgrace–Carl Kruger–something the GOP was quick to harp on as well.

“The last thing the residents of Brooklyn need after Carl Kruger resigned from the Senate in disgrace is another politician who is more comfortable with his political cronies and lobbyist friends than he is with regular people. We’re confident that voters will choose a successful small businessman who is in touch with the needs of the district; someone like David Storobin.”

  At Fidler Kickoff, GOP Invokes David Weprin