Boxee Joins the TMI Party With Frictionless Sharing From Facebook

You want to know what I'm watching

If you don’t have to make a conscious decision to share something, shouldn’t it be called something else? The effort to share something is what separates it from daily life and lets your network know its worth their time. Otherwise its just sort of exhibitionist spam.

In any case, Boxee is joining the party, adding its name along Spotify and The Washington Post as part of Facebook’s new “frictionless sharing” initiative. Watch an episode of The Colbert Report and without even the click of a button this info is shared with your Facebook network.

The new feature is opt-in, which should save Boxee the inevitable headache of users who suddenly find their taste exposed. But we’re going to wager that folks who turn this on will quickly forget about it, that is until a drunken late night viewing spews something to their public feed they wish grandma hadn’t seen.

A lot of people also use Boxee for watching content they downloaded illegally from pirate sites. It’s unclear whether Boxee will share information about whatever it is that users are watching, or just when it finds a clearly identifiable piece of content from an approved source.

Below is a short video Boxee released on their blog giving users a sense of how the new feature will work. It does integrate with Boxee’s latest release, a dongle that allows users to watch live TV.

Boxee Facebook Live TV Integration from boxee on Vimeo. Boxee Joins the TMI Party With Frictionless Sharing From Facebook