Cablevision Votes to Unionize in Brooklyn

After a contentious dispute, Cablevision’s Brooklyn workforce voted to unionize with the Communication Workers of America. The union blasted out a press release touting the results. CWA says that they are the first Cablevision workers to join a union and that “cable TV is an overwhelmingly non-union industry while the traditional telecommunications industry remains highly unionized.”

Needless to say, union officials are extremely happy. “Over the past few months these courageous workers withstood a blistering assault on their right to form a union,” CWA District One Vice President, Chris Shelton, said. “Cablevision truly took the low road by pressuring workers with endless amounts misinformation, but these workers–backed by countless community leaders and elected officials–stood strong. Now we will bargain collectively for a contract that gives the Cablevision 99% equity and dignity on the job.”

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