Carl Paladino on Cuomo: 'He Didn't Solve Shit'

Carl Paladino, the Republican gubernatorial candidate who ran against Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2010, is not happy with the rave

Carl Paladino (Photo: Facebook)

Carl Paladino, the Republican gubernatorial candidate who ran against Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2010, is not happy with the rave reviews his former opponent has received for his first year in office. Governor Cuomo has gladly taken credit for solving a $10 billion budget deficit and ushering in a new era of bipartisan cooperation in Albany.

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Mr Paladino, who spoke to The Politicker while campaigning for Newt Gingrich in New Hampshire, argued the governor’s supposed budget accomplishments are “an illusion” based on “contrived” numbers. He also blasted the media for failing to question the governor and Republican leaders in Albany for “selling out their constituency to Andrew Cuomo” and distracting voters from “salient issues” with “the nonsense about gay marriage.”

“He didn’t do anything. What did he do? He contrived a $10 billion deficit, you guys never inquired as to why. … He never gave you a line item of where it existed. He never showed you how it all added up to a $10 billion deficit,” Mr. Paladino said of Governor Cuomo and the media. “And then, he solved it and said, ‘Hey, I solved it.’ You never asked him, ‘Well, show us the solution, show us the formula, show us the numbers.’ You never asked him for it because it never existed, it’s an illusion.”

Governor Cuomo made a variety of grim pronouncements about the state’s economic future prior to pushing through his tax plan.

“It had no basis in reality, it had no basis in the prior years’ expenditures and income, no basis whatsoever, but you people bought into it,” Mr. Paladino said. “You said, ‘My god, he solved a $10 billion dollar deficit.’ He didn’t solve shit, but you guys made him a hero.”

Mr. Paladino also had harsh words for Republican leaders in Albany for going along with the governor.

“His cooperation with them? Bullshit. He dictates to them and they get down and grovel to him. And that’s sick,” said Mr. Paladino.

Specifically, Mr. Paladino is upset with state lawmakers for not addressing tort and malpractice reform.

“Dean Skelos and the rest of them, they sold out in the State Senate, they let him get away with not ever addressing tort reform, malpractice reform. It would save billions in insurance premiums,” Mr. Paladino said. “They never had to address any of that because they contrived with [Governor Cuomo] to distract the people with the nonsense about gay marriage. Who gives a shit whether they want to get married or not? Nobody cares! But they never got around to addressing the salient issues of this state.”

In spite of his dissatisfaction with Albany, Mr. Paladino isn’t ready to promise another run for office.

“You’ll never know what I’m doing, I’m not going to tell you. You’ll know what I’m doing when it happens OK?” Mr. Paladino said.


Carl Paladino on Cuomo: 'He Didn't Solve Shit'