Carrion: 'I've Still Got Some Game In Me'

Former Bronx borough president Adolfo Carrion left little doubt about his future politics plans in a brief interview with The Politicker yesterday.

“I’ve still got some game in me,” Mr. Carrion said.

The one-time BP was considered a likely mayoral candidate in 2009, but he ultimately shocked the political world and announced that he was running for comptroller instead.  Then, in 2008, Mr. Carrion delivered more surprises when he announced that he would do neither, but instead took a job with the Obama administration to head up the new Office of Urban Affairs. In 2010, he abruptly left that post to become a deputy in the department of Housing and Urban Development.

This week, he announced he was leaving that post, too.

“I am going into the  private sector, ” Mr. Carrion said. “I am starting my own company called Metro Futures. We are going to assist companies that are investing in infrastructure, housing. We are going to advise governments around the country about smart growth.I’ve done three years. I promised the president and the secretary that I would stick around for a year, year and a half. It’s been three years already. My kids are in college. I’ve got to make a little money.”

And, he added, “I’ve got to get my political activities geared up again.”

Mr. Carrion got into trouble however just as he was leaving the Bronx to go to the White House as the Bronx District Attorney began an investigation over whether or not he received favors from a contractor who put an addition on his home in exchange for Mr. Carrion’s support for building project. The ethics board fined him $10,000.

Mr. Carrion declined to say which office he would seek, or even whether or not he would run in 2013 or beyond.

“Nothing for the moment. I am not sure at all. Stand by.”



Carrion: 'I've Still Got Some Game In Me'