CCF launches second Christie television ad

The friends of Gov. Chris Christie continue to keep the GOP governor’s Jersey comeback message in the public eye as part of a $1.5 million television ad buy.

The Committee for Our Children’s Future (CCF), a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization, launched a third ad today in its ongoing campaign to highlight Christie’s efforts to strengthen the economy, improve education and cut income taxes in New Jersey.

The new ads air on New York and Philadelphia broadcast and New Jersey statewide cable stations over the next four weeks.

“When Governor Christie took office, he inherited the highest taxes in America, and the worst unemployment in the region,” said CCF Spokesman Brian Jones. “Governor Christie and bipartisan reformers made difficult choices to lead New Jersey out of the mess it was in two years ago. Through hard work and tough decisions, the state of New Jersey has seen the most job growth in over a decade, millions of dollars in new education funding and two balanced budgets.

“Now Governor Christie is fighting to lower income taxes for all New Jersey families, calling for a ten percent income tax cut across the board. These are the kind of reforms we need to keep New Jersey moving forward.”


CCF launches second Christie television ad