Christie dominates Chamber with pro-biz speech

WASHINGTON D.C. – Gov. Chris Christie took the midway mark of his tenure to spotlight his pro-business record at the New Jersey Chamber of Commerce’s annual dinner.

The Democratic members of New Jersey’s Congressional delegation cleared the area as Christie gloated.

“Single best year of private sector job creation since 2000,” the governor said of 2010. “We stopped the bleeding by stopping the spending. …We are getting money back into your pockets so you can hire so we can get New Jerseyans back to work. It’s time we give money back to the people of the State of New Jersey.”

He reiterated his plan for a ten percent income tax cut across the board phased in over the next three years.

“When something is hypocrisy, we need to stand up together and call it hypocrisy and when some say that when we want to spend your money that’s investment, but when you want to give your money back that’s fiscally irresponsible, we need to stand up to that,” said the governor to applause.

Christie touched on the Democrats’ effort to drive the issue of marriage equality in the Legislature.

“How about saving that until we get everyone back to work in New Jersey?” said the governor, who earlier this week called for a referendum question on same-sex-marriage.

Moments later, the governor referred to “all the games that are being played by people who simply don’t want to admit that we had a better idea and now we’re making it work.”

Christie received an enthusiastic standing ovation at the end of his remarks.

Christie dominates Chamber with pro-biz speech