Christie on CD9 flare-up: ‘May the best man win’

TRENTON – U.S. Rep. Bill Pascrell (D-9) went aggressively after Gov. Chris Christie on the 2009 campaign trail, excoriating Christie’s use of deferred prosecution agreements (DPAs) in cases involving powerful federal defendants.

Pascrell said at the time that he thought Christie soft-peddled punishment for corporate transgressors. asked the governor today if he takes any measure of political satisfaction in observing Pascrell in a Democratic Primary re-election struggle with U.S. Rep. Steve Rothman (D-9).

Christie said he didn’t.

“I like Bill Pascrell,” said the governor. “I always have. He’s a Jersey guy. He’s got that toughness in him. I have nothing but respect for him.”

Of the rugged Democratic Party contest, Christie said “may the best man win.”

“I don’t take any satisfaction,” said the governor. “If you’re going to have that thin a skin in this business, you shouldn’t be here. Since that time (2009), we have worked well. Remember, we toured a lot during Hurricane Irene. We rode in the car together and had a lot of interaction. We took a picture together.”

Christie on CD9 flare-up: ‘May the best man win’