Christie says he will get taxpayer money even ‘if I have to pry it out of their cold, dead hands’

BRIDGEWATER – Gov. Chris Christie invoked the money line of the late NRA spokesman Chuck Heston today when he promised a crowd that he would prevent Democrats from squirreling away their money.

The governor welcomed applause when he said he wants to reduce income taxes across the board by ten percent over the next three years.

“The plan is no matter who you are in New Jersey, if you have a job, your taxes are going to go down,” he said. “I listen to the Democrats and it makes me laugh. They talk about fiscal responsibility. …They borrowed more money than anybody in history and they’re preaching to me about fiscal responsibility.”

He laid it out starkly.

“They (Democrats) have your money in their hands and they believe they can spend it better than you can,” Christie said. “That’s a fundamental difference. My plan is to get your money back to you even if I have to pry it out of their cold dead hands. I mean politically dead, not actually dead.”

Heston’s NRA circuit crowd pleaser featured him holding up a rifle and railing, “From my cold dead hands.”

Today’s town hall went down in the gym-sized Jewish Community Center (JCC).

The governor bragged about his presence last week in Irvington, where cross-the-aisle ally Essex County Executive Joe DiVincenzo worked local contacts to get the governor a small bore enthusiastic setting.

This place today was cheek by jowl Christie land, by contrast.

“You were a lot better than four and a half percent,” said the governor, referring to Irvington’s voter turnout in 2009.

The crowd here went bonkers.

“We’re paying our bills, we’re being responsible, and all of you have made the sacrifice,” Christie told his upper middle class audience.

He uncorked his charm and good looks line. He was sure that’s why people didn’t elect him.

People doubled over.

A day after the governor introduced the state’s first openly gay nominee to the Supreme Court, state Sen. Michael Doherty (R-23) didn’t show, but Assemblyman Erik Peterson and Assemblyman John DiMaio did.

As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Doherty was in Trenton hearing testimony on the same sex marriage issue.  Christie says he will get taxpayer money even ‘if I have to pry it out of their cold, dead hands’