Christie signs dozens of bills into law

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie signed 25 bills Monday afternoon, with the bills focusing on issues ranging from reporting a

TRENTON – Gov. Chris Christie signed 25 bills Monday afternoon, with the bills focusing on issues ranging from reporting a child’s death to government transparency.

 “Caylee’s Law,” which was sparked by death of a Florida toddler who was declared missing weeks after she actually was, was among the bills that got the signature.

The legislation, A-4297 and S-3010 would make it a crime for failing to report a child’s disappearance within 24 hours.  The prime sponsors of the bills were Assemblyman John Wisniewski and Sen. Nicholas Sacco, respectively.

Another piece of legislation focused on flood control. The bill, sponsored by Assemblywoman Connie Wagner, among others would, allows counties and municipalities to use open space trusts funds for purchase of flood-prone properties

Other bills the governor signed, with the last names of the legislative sponsors in parentheses, inclue:

S-211/A-4383 (Whelan/Burzichelli, Caputo) – Requires guidance offered by Local Finance Board to members of local governing body employed by casino, or regarding casino employment of immediate family member thereof, be in form of pubic advisory opinion  

SCS for S-590/ACS for A-1677 (Beach, Haines/Greenwald, Conners, Prieto, Quijano) – Requires public institutions of higher education and Department of Military and Veterans Affairs’ to include link on their websites for access to educational information  

S-847/A-3862 (Turner, Allen/Prieto, Ramos, Conners, Moriarty, Gusciora) – Requires signs posted by retail motor fuel dealers to indicate motor fuel prices for cash and credit card customers; establishes additional $1,000 penalty for violations  

S-1141/A-898 (Van Drew/Dancer, Albano, Milam) – Permits board of fire commissioners to amend fire district budget after adoption to insert special items of revenue 

S-1301/A-3818 (Madden, Doherty/Moriarty, DiMaio, Watson Coleman, Singleton) – Provides unemployment insurance benefits for shared work programs; requires Department of Labor and Workforce Development report 


S-1711/A-3837 (Turner, Allen/Benson, Vainieri Huttle, Riley, Singleton, Quijano) – Establishes ovarian cancer public awareness campaign in DHS


S-1797/A-1718 (Norcross/Burzichelli, Spencer, Prieto, Moriarty. Fuentes) w/Statement – Allows students with disabilities to bring service animal to school


S-2212/A-4381 (Madden, Scutari/Conaway, Munoz) – Establishes New Jersey Multiple Sclerosis Task Force


S-2731/A-3876 (Girgenti, Sacco/Bramnick, Wagner, Coughlin, Evans) – Establishes that certification for police training course lasts five years


S-2880/A-4063 (Van Drew Beach/Albano, Milam, Amodeo) –  Provides penalty for registration violations occurring under State’s saltwater fishing registry program


S-2985/A-4171 (Lesniak, T. Kean/Schaer, Chiusano) – Concerns rights of financial counterparties to terminate and settle certain agreements with certain insurers in the event of insolvency or liquidation


A-921/S-2456 (Chivukula, McKeon/Scutari, Cardinale) – “New Jersey Trade Secrets Act”


A-2845/S-3149 (Burzichelli, Milam, Albano, Riley/Whelan) – Prohibits MVC from inspecting buses on casino-owned property and designated casino parking, pick-up, or drop-off locations, except under exigent circumstances


A-2878/S-2028 (Vainieri Huttle, Chivukula, Ramos/Gordon, Greenstein) – Requires DHS to collect and disseminate data about persons with developmental disabilities


A-3133/S-2927 (Riley, Coughlin, Burzichelli/Gordon, Beach) – Permits use of rebates, allowances, concessions, or benefits for motor fuel purchases on credit, debit or rewards cards


A-3591/S-1979 (Johnson, Chivukula/Weinberg) – Concerns certain limitations on claims for victim compensation


A-3659/S-2719 (Angelini, Rible, Wolfe, Holzapfel, Vainieri Huttle/S. Kean, Beach) – Requires DCF to develop and adopt Statewide youth suicide prevention plan


A-4008/S-3053 (Diegnan, Jasey, Schroeder, Coughlin/Ruiz, Allen) – Requires DOE to include cheerleaders in the student-athlete head injury safety program


A-4012/S-3147 (Coughlin, Burzichelli/Vitale) – Eliminates permit requirement for home production of wine and beer for personal use


A-4111/S-2998 (Conners, Milam, Tucker, Conaway/Beach, Madden) – Creates Veterans Haven Council


A-4114/S-2956 (Coughlin, Wagner, Wisniewski, Wilson/Vitale, Rice) – Allows all municipalities to sell and lease unneeded public property for “urban” farming and gardening purposes


A-4177/S-2909 (Albano, Milam/Van Drew) – Allows MVC to process title transfer of abandoned vessels without court order; lengthens time period required for desertion of vessel to ripen into abandonment  


ACS for A-3908/S-2765 (DeAngelo, Benson, Ramos, Moriarty/Beck, Buono) – Requires State, regional, and local authorities, boards, and commissions to establish an Internet website and post information related to each entity’s mission, finances, meetings, and employees Christie signs dozens of bills into law