Codey unimpressed early by Supreme Court nominee Harris

Routed by redistricting into Morris County, state Sen. Richard Codey (D-27) today grimly gutchecked Chatham Mayor Bruce Harris’s nomination to the New Jersey Supreme Court. 

“While I will reserve my judgment on the current nominees until after the Judiciary Committee has had a chance to hear from them, I have serious reservations about Mr. Harris’ qualifications for the Court,” Codey said. “He may be an impressive bond counsel, but his resume is lacking any meat on the bone and the Christie administration’s lack of in-depth details on his qualifications leaves much to be desired.”

Codey warred with Gov. Chris Christie last year over Essex County judges and Christie’s selection to head the state Department of Education, vouchers advocate Chris Cerf. 

The former governor didn’t hestitate to object early to the relatively unknown Harris. 

“So far, all we know about Mr. Harris, outside of his resume, is that he hasn’t been a partner in his firm, has never argued in a courtroom, and apparently would recuse himself from one of the biggest potential issues that might come before the Court. This does not leave me with much confidence.  I will await his appearance before Judiciary, but there is much that needs to discussed and resolved in that time.”

“The issues that will be before our Supreme Court in the next few years will be of extreme importance to the future of our state,” Codey added. “The Court must reflect not just diversity, but also the most qualified and capable minds New Jersey has to offer.  That is why we must review the qualifications of our nominees with full vigor.”


Codey unimpressed early by Supreme Court nominee Harris