Concert Biz Set Up To Screw You

The Newark Star-Ledger reports that the Izod Center at the Meadowlands has been kicking back money to concert promoters in order to land top acts; for instance, the concert promoter Live Nation received a $4-$6 rebate for all its concerts and thus granted “priority scheduling rights” to the Izod Center–the rebates reflected in higher ticket prices. Thousands of contracts between music acts’ promoters and the Izod Center append the article–happy reading!

Perhaps the most startling detail to the piece’s author is that “even the circus” manipulated the Izod Center–Ringling Bros. insisted upon a cut of the Sno-Cone business. (We were intrigued by the detail that Christina Aguilera insisted upon the venue providing a doctor on-call, until we remembered that it would have come out of our pockets, were we ever to go to New Jersey to see a Christina Aguilera concert.) :: @DPD_ Concert Biz Set Up To Screw You