Coney Island Rejuvenator Takes a Spin On Queens Carousel

Spin me right round baby right round... (Wikimedia Commons)

Readers know we love a good carousel around these part, which is why the news that the one in Forest Hills Park may soon start spinning again brings childish glee to The Observer‘s pink hearts. And it turns out the savior is an unusual sort: the same Italian amusement operator that has revived Coney Island in recent years.

The city is seeking an operator for the carousel, possibly tied to a more popular one in Flushing Meadows. The Daily News reports that Central Amusement International is among the firms eyeing the ride, and the tab takes a look with Valerio Ferrari, proprietor of CAI.

“This is a very nice venue. It’s a good opportunity,” Ferrari said after checking out the carousel and surrounding area in Forest Park.

He described the wooden carousel, crafted over 100 years ago by master carver Daniel Muller, as “unique.”

“If we do something, we will do it according to historic value,” Ferrari said.

Ironic that a guy who’s become notorious for scrubbing Coney of its (admittedly seedy) history is looking to restore it elsewhere.

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Coney Island Rejuvenator Takes a Spin On Queens Carousel