Declawed, Sweeney straight-faced on nominees

TRENTON – Met at the point of critique by Gov. Chris Christie, state Sen. President Steve Sweeney issued a vanilla statement on the governor’s Supreme Court nominations.

“As with all nominees, the process must still run its course,” Sweeney said, no doubt confronting the all-but-the-votes manifest destiny for Christie’s two minority candidates, Phil Kwon and Bruce Harris. “While we undergo that process, it is vital that we ensure the Court remain as philosophically independent as possible.”

Sweeney isn’t exactly basking in the glow of the political victory he scored last year when he blocked Christie’s replacement of dismissed Supreme Court Justice John Wallace. Now Christie has turned the tables on a racial diversity debate by not only appointing an African American (Harris), but an openly gay candidate (also Harris), and an Asian American to boot (Kwon).

Declawed on the attack, Sweeney summed, “I look forward to a full and proper vetting of these nominees and to learning of how they view their role on the Court.” Declawed, Sweeney straight-faced on nominees