ELC wants investigation into non-repairs at urban schools

TRENTON – A non-profit agency that serves as an advocate on education issues wants two lawmakers to lead an investigation into how the state deals with safety issues at urban schools.

The Education Law Center sent a letter  to Sen. M. Teresa Ruiz, (D-29), Newark, and Assemblyman Patrick Diegnan, (D-18), South Plainfield, asking them to investigate what ELC claims is the administration’s refusal to address emergency health and safety repairs in urban schools across the state.

Ruiz and Diegnan chair their chamber’s respective Education committees.

ELC said in a release it wants an investigation into the Potential Emergent Projects Program, which is a joint effort of the state Schools Development Authority and the state Education Department.

According to ELC, there have been about 700 requests for repairs, but six months later, districts have yet to receive word on those requests’ status.

ELC said that the SDA and DOE revealed earlier this month that of the over 700 health and safety conditions submitted for remediation, 400 had been rejected. The remaining 300 projects have not been identified to districts, nor has work on them begun, according to ELC.

The Education Department, and the offices of the respective lawmakers could not provide immediate comment or reaction. ELC wants investigation into non-repairs at urban schools