Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes: Media Mogul?

Mr. Hughes. (wikipedia.org)

Another member of the Facebook mafia struggles to find an equally fulfilling pursuit. Chris Hughes, one of Mark Zuckerberg’s college roommates, a co-founder of Facebook and its first head of publicity (in the movie, he’s one of the guys on the couch), went from startup founder to politics all star; working on Barack Obama’s digital campaign and then launching Jumo, a socially-minded startup that shut down in August. Now the 28-year-old millionaire (reportedly $700 million) is moving into the media scene. 

The Soho resident joined the Knight Foundation’s board in October and is backing a “viral media startup” with the former executive director of MoveOn.org for those with progressive politics (Reddit?).

Now, reports the Huffington Post, he’s considering buying the lefty news magazine The New Republic, which has experienced the usual falling circulation and dwindling profits, and has reportedly been exploring a sale. HuffPo’s media reporter, Michael Calderone, also reported that several prospective buyers had already passed; although TNR’s owner denies it all. Facebook Co-Founder Chris Hughes: Media Mogul?