For shifting school elections to November, a deadline looms

TRENTON – Under a new law that allows school elections to be moved from April to November, a key date occurs probably in the middle of February.

The state Department of Education today issued information designed to assist school districts with the nuts and bolts of making such a move.

Responding to the question of when should resolutions regarding a shift from spring to fall be finalized, the Department stated:

“There is no set deadline in the new law, but reading the statute in context with the timelines already established in election law provides a compelling rationale for the board or governing body to approve a resolution no later than February 17, 2012, and immediately notify the county clerk.

“This would provide the appropriate time to avoid potentially unnecessary expenses related to preparing for an April election; and also provide due notice to any person interested in filing a nomination petition for an April election.”

The Department provides details on other aspects of this law designed to encourage increased voter participation: Reminders that once elections are shifted to November they can’t be shifted back to April for four years, school boards still may schedule special elections, and school board candidates will have their own place on a November ballot and will not be listed as aligned with partisan candidates.

Other information can be found on the Department web site.

  For shifting school elections to November, a deadline looms