Former Hamilton mayor lands on Forbes list of social media gurus

Former Hamilton Township Mayor Glen Gilmore found himself a niche after leaving politics in 2008.  The former Mayor, who some thought might one day be governor, was recently recognized by Forbes as #7 on the magazine’s list of top 50 social media power influencers.

The list, published last week, is based on search engine’s social pull metric, which according to the Forbes’ story, measures the number of people in your network that are “active and identifiable.”

Gilmore, who is an attorney, operates Gilmore Business Network and serves as senior social media advisor to Memphis-based Howell Marketing.  He is quoted regularly as an expert on social media marketing and strategy.

He is an adjunct professor at Rutgers, where he teaches classes on social media law and digital marketing.

Gilmore served two terms as Mayor of Hamilton, Mercer County, before losing his bid for a third term to Republican John Bencivengo.  Gilmore was mayor during the 2001 Anthrax attacks, when anthrax-laced letters sent to elected officials and members of the media were processed through a postal processing center in Hamilton.

Gilmore was praised as “a man of action” by Time magazine for his efforts to help postal workers affected by the anthrax.

  Former Hamilton mayor lands on Forbes list of social media gurus