Foursquare Debuts Explore Feature For Web In Push to Become City Guide

Foursquare is bringing its “Explore” feature to its website today, hoping that users will turn to them when planning a trip abroad or finding the perfect sushi spot for a first date.

Alex Rainert, Head of Product, foursquare: The explore feature on mobile was really about helping users discover what was going on right around them right now. The desktop interface is way better for mapping things out and making plans when you’re hoping to travel somewhere. We also think it gives a unique perspective into a place, because you don’t have to search just for a certain kind of restaurent or venue. You can look for any word or term and Explore will scan through our huge library of tips for a match. (Betabeat recommends searching “sweaty” and “bonkers” when looking for the best dance party in Brooklyn)

explore for web

– – The Press Release
Foursquare is all about making the real world easier to use by helping you discover interesting places and friends nearby. Today, we’re beginning to roll out something that makes it even easier to find interesting things not just nearby, but all over the world: a web-based version of Explore, our personalized recommendation engine.

When you do a local search on many other services, you get a ‘one-size fits all’ set of results. But with foursquare Explore, we’re using your check-ins and your friends’ check-ins, along with the more than 1.5 billion check-ins from the rest of the foursquare community, to personalize recommendations for you. And every time you check in, foursquare gets better at finding places you’ll like.

It’s personalized search for the real world!
Find the perfect spot at any time: Search for a great sushi place near your office for a lunch meeting, or find the perfect spot for a date on Saturday night.
Plan your next trip: Scheduling a weekend getaway in an unfamiliar city? Put together a foursquare List of interesting things to see and do while you’re there, based on the types of things you normally like to do.
Discover interesting things to do anywhere in the world: Trying to choose between a few vacation destinations? See what would be interesting to you in each city instead of just checking out the most popular tourist attractions in a guidebook.
Also, because Explore is powered by check-ins and foursquare Tips, it’s not just personalized, it’s specific. Search for ‘pool table,’ or ‘guacamole’; ‘deep dish,’ or ‘thin crust.’ Not all bars, Mexican restaurants, or pizza joints are created equal, and we want to make sure you find exactly what you’re craving. Foursquare Debuts Explore Feature For Web In Push to Become City Guide