Frank Benson Will Show at Andrew Kreps Gallery

Frank Benson "Human Statue" (2011). (Courtesy the artist)

The sculptor Frank Benson is now represented by Chelsea’s Andrew Kreps Gallery, according to the gallery’s director Liz Mulholland. The artist formerly showed at Taxter & Spengemann, the Chelsea gallery that closed at the end of 2011.

Mr. Benson’s work–which is, at once, ultra-lifelike and surreal–was on display in Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach, when Adam and Lenore Sender showed a selection of work from their collection at one of their homes. By the pool, the Senders displayed an eerily realistic bronze statue of a man that looked more like an actual guy painted bronze than a statue of one.

Mr. Benson’s last show at Taxter and Spengemann featured a single life-size bronze statue of a woman. She is draped in black fabric and would look like an Ancient Greek Goddess if not for the gaudy sunglasses perched on her face. Frank Benson Will Show at Andrew Kreps Gallery