Gallerist: The Complete Spot Coverage

It certainly has been a busy two weeks here at Gallerist, savoring Damien Hirst’s 11-gallery spot painting exhibition to its fullest. We thought it might be nice to see all of that coverage in one place, providing easy access to that content for all those looking for just a bit more spot coverage. Enjoy.

Anthony Haden-Guest profiled Mr. Hirst, and conducted a Q&A with him.

Will Heinrich reviewed the New York shows.

We celebrated spot paintings not made by Damien Hirst.

Adam Lindemann imagined the spot show as a touching bedtime story.

We crunched the numbers.

Janice Phaiste wrote limericks.

We went to the spot press preview.

Colette unveiled a dress made by Olaf Breuning and Cynthia Rowley that looks like a spot painting.

We read the other reviews.

Sarah Douglas offered tips for buying presents for people who make or sell spot paintings. Gallerist: The Complete Spot Coverage