Gary Shteyngart’s ‘Promiscuous Praise’ Catalogued on Tumblr

Mr. Shteyngart's Twitter account was recently verified.

Gary Shteyngart, author of Super Sad True Love Story, is a New Yorker “20 under 40” who is also known for his self-parodying book trailer and his Dachshund-based Twitter bromance with Salman Rushdie.

Just the dude to blurb your Bildungsroman, no?

Probably, judging by latest novelty Tumblr to set the literary social blogging scene ablaze. Goodbye, Ryan Gosling Works in Publishing; hello,  The Collected Blurbs of Gary Shteyngart! The blog features Shteyngartian blurbs for authors ranging from Jon-Jon Goulian to James Franco, plus Mr. Shteyngart on Mr. Shteyngart’s blurbs.

“Gary Shteyngart’s blurbs are funny, touching and true. A blurber to watch!” he wrote.

On Twitter, Mr. Shteyngart claimed to have blurbed more than 100 books in the past 10 years. (If that’s not a joke, he could be living exclusively off the interest on his writerly karma.) So far, the blog has collected less than 25.

Did Mr. Shteyngart’s praise influence your MLK Day reading selection? The Tumblr has a submit form! Gary Shteyngart’s ‘Promiscuous Praise’ Catalogued on Tumblr