School’s In for Summer! General Assembly Opening Second Campus in June

Taking Manhattan to the school of hard design.


General Assembly is opening a second campus across the street from its current glass-and-wood-panel startup kingdom at 902 Broadway in the Flatiron, Business Insider reports, in a 10,000 square foot space divided into six classrooms and a common area. The new space on the third floor at 915 Broadway—zipline not included, @GA says—will be dedicated to the ever-expanding catalog of business, design, marketing classes and general internet interest classes offered at the Silicon Alley hub. The GA office will also set up a home there.

General Assembly, which had its official one-year anniversary on January 15, is full of announcements of late, recently touting its video classes, recruiting for new teachers and hopping across the pond. The expansion comes about due to popular demand for GA classes, many of which sell out despite being a touch more expensive than similar offerings on Skillshare and Meetup. Expect GA to offer more classes, though most sessions will still be after work and on weekends.

(The satellite campus won’t be GA’s first non-contiguous campus; in the past there were some startups clustered on the seventh floor in the “Annex,” which had to be moved temporarily to the 15th floor after the Annex was annexed.)

And for a taste of things to come, expect General Assembly to start catering more to corporate clients and the business-of-business types. The first such partnership is a syndicate of Generals, if you will: General Electric is sending 100 employees to take classes at General Assembly. School’s In for Summer! General Assembly Opening Second Campus in June