GOP to Bloomberg: Cough, Cough (Clears Throat)

Kudos to the good folks at The Notebook for getting this up first, but it appears as if the five Republican County Chairman are taking exception to something that erstwhile Wilson-Paculaite of theirs said this week.

On Sunday, Post City Hall bureau chief David Seifman quoted Mayor Bloomberg predicting to his paper’s editorial board that the  next occupant of the bullpen will be a Democrat.

“I think it’s very hard to see a Republican coming along,” Mr. Bloomberg said, adding,  “It’s really hard to see the Democratic primary next year not being the real election.”

This is a sentiment to which the GOP chairs take exception.

Mayor Bloomberg indicated that the City will have a Democratic Mayor come 2013.  Our Mayor is evidently unaware that we are committed to providing New Yorkers with a Republican alternative. In fact, we will field a strong winning candidate for Mayor in 2013.

We believe that New York City’s voters will select a Republican candidate as they have done since 1993.  City voters will not want to return New York to the pre-1993 dark days of rampant crime, corruption, incompetence and special interest politics.

New Yorkers recognize the need for fiscal responsibility in the Mayor’s Office. The Republican Party’s leadership and membership throughout the five boroughs is committed to providing New Yorkers with a candidate who will be responsive to the issues affecting the middle class, homeowners, small businesses, those on fixed incomes and the unemployed.

New Yorkers remember Mayor Rudy Giuliani establishing that Republican management works and they appreciate that Republican endorsed Mayor Michael Bloomberg has continued that legacy. City voters want to keep New York going and going strong and that is going to take Republican leadership.

Mr. Bloomberg has always had something of a fraught relationship with the city’s GOP. Although most were thrilled to have one of their own win the mayoralty, Mr. Bloomberg dropped the party n 2008 to become an independent and then proceeded to bash the two-party system as stifling innovation. Of course, he needed them again when he helped overturn the term limits law to run again in 2009, but there were no hard feelings some timely donations couldn’t smooth over.

But more to the point, who exactly is the Republican these guys say will win again in 2013? Although they have been calls from various corners of the GOP constituency for someone from finance or charter schools or in business to step forward, so far it appears as if only John Catsimatidis is really interested, and even his interest seems to be waning.



GOP to Bloomberg: Cough, Cough (Clears Throat)