Herman Cain Lives!

Herman Cain was knocked out of the presidential race after a series of sex scandals, but he’s not going quietly. As the other candidates duke it out in Iowa today, Mr. Cain sent an email to supporters promising big plans ahead. “I will soon be announcing a major new initiative. This is a crusade so critical to the long term health of our American economy that we simply must prevail,” Mr. Cain wrote. 


Mr. Cain said his announcement will come during Wednesday night’s episode of “The Sean Hannity Show” on Fox News.

“I know many of you were disappointed when I chose to suspend my presidential campaign. I was disappointed, too. But make no mistake, the mission remains even if I am not seeking the position,” Mr. Cain wrote. “We will work to achieve our original objectives, which is to take back this country, jump-start the economy, and truly help our nation become one that is governed of the people, by the people, and for the people.”

Mr. Cain has previously hinted at his desire to remain in the spotlight. Last month, Mr. Cain expressed an interest in a cable news career. He also launched a website called “The Cain Solutions” where he promised to debut his second act.

“The Cain Solutions” contains few clues about what Mr. Cain has in mind, but it seems like it might involve peanut butter. The site was registered by Bell Plantation, an agricultural research company that sells a powdered alternative to peanut butter. “The Cain Solutions” features little else beyond a picture of a farmer that is also used on the Bell Plantations homepage. Mr. Cain previously served as chairman of Bell Plantation’s advisory board. His email contained a logo identifying it as part of “Cain’s Solutions Revolution.”

Herman Cain Lives!