Holding Steady in Greenpoint, Where Craig Finn Goes to Grow Up

Maybe he'll switch to a Nets jersey next year. (<a href="http://www.sportressofblogitude.com/2010/09/23/suck-it-dj-kitty-craig-finn-of-the-hold-steady-wrote-a-song-about-the-twins/">Sportress of Blogitude</a>)

Ring, ring, ring goes the telephone/Tell my little lambs that I’m on my way home/Stop by the shop and get a bottle to go/Maybe something stronger if the right guy’s on the corner.

So sings Craig Finn on “Our Whole Lives” from two years ago. Perhaps the Hold Steady frontman was thinking of the liquor store at the corner of Manhattan and Nassau avenues in Greenpoint. (You know the one, where the local Polish Greenpointers go to cash their paychecks.)

Turns out that the bespectacled bandleader has settled in the neighborhood after a decade in Brooklyn, and in today’s Post, Craig Finn gives a tour of his one-bedroom apartment there at the same time his “quieter” solo album is out.

We learn that among Mr. Finn’s prized possessions is his acoustic guitar and a massive console record player a friend got him for his 40th birthday. He also does much of his Dylanesque (Thomas, not Bob) lyrics writing at a bedroom desk.

If there is any question that the notoriously hard-partying indie rocker has mellowed with age, consider where he has decided to live.

The cozy, second-floor walkup sits on what Finn calls “the adult side” of McGuinness Boulevard.

“On this side, it’s certainly quieter, and there are less bars and less Sunday morning vomit on the street,” he says. “Angie used to live on Franklin and Greenpoint, and it gets pretty wild over there.”

The adult side of Greenpoint? And here we thought they were calling this micronabe Superfund North.

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