State of The City Video Shows Mayor Bloomberg's Wild Livery Ride

Mayor Bloomberg hailing his cab to the state of the city. (Photo:

In today’s State of the City speech, Mayor Michael Bloomberg sent a not-so-subtle reminder about his success in getting a bill through Albany legalizing street hails of livery cabs by kicking things off with a hilarious video featuring the Mayor taking a wild livery ride Morris High Bronx for his speech.

The fun really starts when the Mayor enters the cab and requests the driver start blasting Lady Gaga tunes rather than Bloomberg radio. Hizzoner recently shared a special moment with the pop sensation. The clip also references several of the mayor’s other recent initiatives. During his trip, Mayor Bloomberg rolls down his window to admonish a bicycling Howard Wolfson to “stay in the bike lane.” He also passes Deputy Mayor for Health and Human Services Linda Gibbs who’s running late to the  speech because she’s so busy shopping at the city’s many greenmarkets.

Mayor Bloomberg’s epic journey culminates at the recently renamed Ed Koch Bridge where he and his cab driver run into the man himself.  As Mayor Bloomberg bobs his head to the Lady Gaga, Mayor Koch lays down an impromptu chorus to the beat: “Hey, welcome to my bridge. Hey, welcome to my bridge. Welcome to my bridge.”

Watch the video below:

State of The City Video Shows Mayor Bloomberg's Wild Livery Ride