Inside Manhattan’s Worst Apartment Building

Looks nice from the outside. (Property Shark)

Last week, Public Advocate Bill DeBlasio released his list of the city’s worst landlords, and now the Daily News has gone inside Manhattan’s worst single building, 307 West 153rd Street, and what they find is downright inhumane.

Another resident, who was raised in the building near Bradhurst Ave., agreed the building hasn’t been kept up. “They don’t do nothing about the problems. They tell you it’s your fault,” the 25-year-old resident said, listing falling ceilings, constant leaks and roaming rodents as on-going issues with the building.

One woman, who has lived in the building for 40 years said leaks in the building are among the major problems. “When it rains outside, it rains just as much inside,” she said. “They need to come in and fix it.” But when they don’t fix it, she gets someone to fix the problems: “I fix my own .”

One woman, who rents a $550 per month studio apartment, said she “wasn’t surprised at all” that the building topped the list in Manhattan.”They’re slow to do repairs, and they give you a hard time if you complain” she said, noting her bathtub was constantly leaking hot water, causing mildew. “I’m a renter, and they’re responsible.

Imagine, growing up in those conditions or spending half your life in such a building. Then again, that kind of rent can be hard to beat these days, and The Observer imagines that the poor state of the building is as much to do with trying to drive out rent-controlled tenants as it is negligence.

Will Mr. DeBlasio’s campaign of shame be enough to get this slumlord to clean up his act, and his building?

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