Kean focuses on higher-ed, tax cap

TRENTON – Senate Minority Leader Tom Kean, (R-21), of Westfield, called for continuing the progress made in government by working in a bipartisan manner and focusing on a “common sense agenda.”

He lauded the Legislature’s ability to tackle the issues and not engaging in “punting,” or on having to rely on fiscal gimmicks to fix longstanding problems.

“Delayed promises always come due,” he said in an opening speech to the legislative session.

Among the priorities he listed were providing quality higher education that will provide students job-ready skills, and giving municipalities more tools to keep property taxes in check.  

He highlighted such accomplishments as the 2 percent hard cap on property taxes, and the pensions and benefits reform package.

Kean called for making higher education more affordable and providing job-ready skills. He also called for a redefining of what makes an effective education system, mainly by providing opportunities for everyone.

“More money alone is not the answer,” he said. “We need to redefine success.”

Kean focuses on higher-ed, tax cap