Kirsten Dunst Likes Making Out, Ira Glass Knows the Birds from the Bees and We’re Still in Sundance

Ira Glass and Mike Birbiglia pose at The Bing Bar

It’s winding down, celebs are fleeing, the open bars are starting to dry up, and The Observer’s 4 day long hangover is starting to catch up with us—enough of the sob story, we’re going back in for more.

First stop: Surprise surprise—The Bing Bar for a dinner and after party with the cast and crew from Sleepwalk With Me

  • NPR’s Ira Glass stormed the red carpet (read: stood there graciously speaking to lesser media mortals) and gave us a few pointers on the birds and the bees as we asked him how he got here: “Well, when a mommy meets a daddy, and they reaaaaly really love each other…”
  • Bourbon in hand, we borrow the ear of the star himself, comedian Mike Birbiglia who through “years and years of debilitating and honest failure” arrived right where he is today. This guy’s put his 10,000 hours in.
  • Occupy Sundance marched around a bit outside our window, seemingly unaware that their audience was already deeply sympathetic (right?)

A quick drive-by drinking at Grey Goose and we’re headed back to the basement at Bing to catch Theophilus London and Asher Roth on stage

Theophilus London commands the stage at Bing
  • “I wonder if anyone thinks I’m famous…” overheard The Observer from a partygoer as we checked in with the omnipresent Hannah Bronfman, fresh from a short stint in Vegas for the Chanel event the night prior.
  • Quick to remind everyone that he’s probably much cooler than you, an insufferable Mr. Roth muddled about the red carpet un-ironically bouncing a tennis ball. Cool, dude.
  • You kind of have to give it to Mr. London, who cites preparation, concentration and “an obsession with experimenting as much as possible with the latest tech” in getting him to where he is today. For a 24 year old from Brooklyn, he’s got the stage presence of a seasoned vet.

Alright fine, twist my arm, let’s go to Tao

  • We found fameball DJ Samantha Ronson belting out a passable set, eventually putting the entire party on hold at microphone point to pay homage to Noah Tepperberg “Everybody shut the fuck up, there’s somebody here that we have to thank, and I think you know who that is…” A crass, yet sweet gesture that didn’t not remind us of the holdup scene from Pulp Fiction.
  • They’re out of bourbon. This is a problem.
  • Sundance make out team Kirsten Dunst and Garret Hedlund realized they were sick of dancing with the plebeians and decided it was time to break it down on stage where Ronson and Rashida Jones were all too happy to oblige.
  • Even Rashida Jones‘s name is hot.

The Observer was disappointed to learn that our red-eye flight would be cutting off our opportunity to catch LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy attack the turntables at Bing tonight, but we suppose there’s always next time.

Kirsten Dunst Likes Making Out, Ira Glass Knows the Birds from the Bees and We’re Still in Sundance