Landmarks Commission Thinks Museum of Math Design Adds Up

MOMath, no problems...

While the Landmarks Preservation Commission is usually the  great bane of architects and developers, it seems the commissioners have at least one soft spot in their preservationist hearts for, of all things, math.

The Landmarks Commission has approved a proposal by the new Museum of Math for a building in the Madison Square North Historic District, DNAinfo reports.

The Commission’s blessings comes on the heels of a devastating rejection by Community Board 5 last month. The museum’s proposal was turned down, as board members claimed the design was to0 modern for the neighborhood. After making some slight alterations to the proposal, the Museum of Math (MOMath) got the green light from the Landmarks Commission which “not only approved it,” said Cindy Lawrence, the museum’s chief of operations, “but really commended us and the architects for coming up with a tasteful design.”

Still, the planned museum isn’t completely in the clear.

Permission to move forward with the façade redesign was an important step in the process of opening MoMath, Lawrence said, but it is not the last one. The museum currently has a permit from the Department of Buildings to begin work on the space at 11 E. 26th Street, Lawrence said. They are still awaiting approval on another permit, however, that will allow them to dig in on more substantial construction.

Nonetheless, the Landmarks’ approval is a giant leap forward for mathletes and calculites who, with a little luck, will finally have their very own clubhouse.

Landmarks Commission Thinks Museum of Math Design Adds Up