Lew Fidler Says David Storobin Has ‘Ties To Skinheads and Neo-Nazi Groups and White Supremacist Groups’ [Video]

Councilman Lew Fidler (Photo: New York City Council)

The race for former State Senator Carl Kruger’s seat is really getting nasty. In an appearance at Brooklyn Young Democrats meeting at a bar in Sheepshead Bay last night, Councilman Lew Fidler was filmed by the Sheepshead Bites blog blasting his opponent, David Storobin, for having ties to extremist groups.

“David Storobin, a guy who can’t even fess up to what he writes on his web pages anymore and is busy scrubbing what little history he has, because he’s embarrassed about his ties to skinheads, and neo-Nazi groups and white supremacist groups,” Mr. Fidler said.

Councilman Fidler’s comments referenced controversy over Tweets by the @Storobin4Senate account implying President Obama is a Muslim and a blog written by Mr. Storobin that was linked to on white supremacist sites. In his speech, Councilman Fidler said Mr. Storobin’s campaign is the beginning of a plan to take out Democratic politicians in Southern Brooklyn hatched by Republicans emboldened by Congressman Bob Turner’s upset victory in the special election to replace Congressman Anthony Weiner.

“The fact of the matter is, that we have lived most of our lives here in Southern Brooklyn believing and knowing that Democrats win. And we had a misstep a couple of months ago when we lost a seat in Congress that we never should have lost. We lost a Democratic Congressman we never should have lost and now the Republicans believe, they really believe, that they can win.”

Councilman Fidler cast the race as a high stakes contest that could have huge consequences for the Democratic Party in Brooklyn if he loses.

“If I lose this race, they’re coming for Steve Cymbrowitz, and Helene Weinstein, and Bill Colton, and Alec Brook Krasny and every single one of us here in Southern Brooklyn,” Councilman Fidler said. “They’ll be no telling them that, forget about it Democrats are the people who represent the people of Southern Brooklyn. They’re going to change politics for the rest of your adult lives here in Southern Brooklyn.”

Watch video of Councilman Fidler’s speech below:

Update (8:46 p.m.): This story was updated to clarify the Tweets in question were posted on the @Storobin4Senate account rather than being posted by Mr. Storobin. Jacob Kornbluh, a Brooklyn Republican party activist, claimed responsibility for the account when the story about the Tweets came out.

Lew Fidler Says David Storobin Has ‘Ties To Skinheads and Neo-Nazi Groups and White Supremacist Groups’ [Video]