Man Markets Home as Pre-Gracie Mansion, Mayor Bloomberg Disagrees

Mayor Michael Bloomberg

While living in a celebrity’s former digs may boost your status on the cocktail party circuit, do abodes previously inhabited by politicians hold the same cache?

Michael Gales, who resides in a studio at 333 East 66th Street, was convinced Mayor Bloomberg had lived in the apartment years before, according to The Times. Having heard stories from past residents about the mayor’s life in apartment 9N, Mr. Gales fancied he was sitting on a hot piece of politico property.

Indeed, the mayor had lived at that address for almost 10 years but, it turned out he lived in different apartment down the hall.

“That is not my apartment,” the mayor told The Times in an interview. “The kitchen was on the left.”

Undaunted, Mr. Gales is quite sure he does indeed live in the mayor’s old apartment.

“Maybe the good mayor’s not right,” he said upon hearing the news. The stroke of bad luck came not long after Mr. Gales listed his apartment with Mike Schulte, a broker at Citi Habitats — the third broker to try his hand at selling the apartment for about $400,000.

You have to admit, his perseverance is admirable—he’s got the kind of cajones it takes to do something like steamroll election laws and run for a third term. Still, wethinks Mr. Gale might have just landed on the N.Y.P.D.’s watch list.

Man Markets Home as Pre-Gracie Mansion, Mayor Bloomberg Disagrees